Wednesday, 8 April 2015

ATTINY-RAT, ATTINY85 powered mini lightfollower

ATTINY-RAT, ATTINY85 powered mini lightfollower

The last couple of weeks i´ve done some testing with the ATTINY85 chip. It was really fun to experiment with this little MCUs. Compared to their size they are pretty powerful and a cheap solution for smaller projects.

If you plan to tinker with those chips i can highly recommend to build a programmer-shield for Arduino. There are tons of articles in the Internet so just ask google. I build mine according to the schematics of (see picture). I also included pinout diagrams of the ATTINYx5 and x4 chips.

To get you started with ATTINY and Arduino i recommed to follow this Instructions.

The project itself was documented by me on Instructables. Just follow this LINK.
If you are not sure just check the pictures + schematics below.


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